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Dates For The Diary 2004
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Dates For The Diary 2004
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  • Sunday 1st February :  Executive meeting (NBTA)
  • Friday 13th - Sunday 15th February :  European Judges Course (NBTA)
  • Sunday 18th February :  NBTA England Team Training [Alton]

  • Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th February :  NBTA regional competition [Littledown Centre, Bournmouth (closing date 31.01.04)]

  • Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March : Golden Baton [Bordeaux, France]

  • 9th, 10th & 11th April :  European Championships [Edinburgh]

  • Saturday 24th April :  NBTA regional [Crawley, Sussex (closing date 13.03.04)]

  • Sunday 9th May :  NBTA executive meeting

  • Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th June :  NBTA regional competition [Salisbury, Wiltshire (closing date 01.05.04)]

  • Saturday 10th July :  NBTA regional competition [Harlow, Essex (closing date 12.06.04)]

  • Sunday 15th August :  NBTA executive meeting

  • Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th September :  NBTA regional competition [Fareham, Hants (closing date 31.07.04)]

  • Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th September :  Annual European Congress

  • Monday 25th - Saturday 29th October :  NBTA National Championships [Torbay, Devon]

  • Sunday 14th November :  Executive meeting

  • TBA :  NBTA Selections

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