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First Impressions Baton Twirlers

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All About First Impressions
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First Impressions are based in Gillingham, Kent and have been together for over ten years.
We are all members of the NBTA and compete on a regular basis. At the moment, we have around 20 to 25 members in our team, with ages ranging from 5 to 27 years old. However, we are starting to recruit more younger team members.
We train twice a week, once for team training, and then again at the weekends to set and practice our individual routines. We often have one-to-one sessions with our trainer Lisa too in order to get our individual routines set. During the Summer holidays and in the run up to competitions, our training dates are much more frequent and last longer.
The members of First Impressions all compete nationally and some Internationally at competitions held by the NBTA. We take part in both team and individual events, being very successfull in each.
As a team, we hold quite a good status in the NBTA as we have had some great achievements, and we have compteted with them form over 10 years.
We have also represented England twice at the World Championships, in the year 1996, and 2000 in the colourguard section. We came 1st in 1996 which you can imagine was a huge achievement, and in the year 2000, we came a very respectable 2nd place.
Other achievements include best pom-pon of the year award in the year 2000, and members of First Impressions have held the Ron Stiff memorial award on two occasions. Also, many of our members hold national championship titles.

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