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The NBTA is a non-profit making organisation formed for the advancement of Baton Twirling and its associated activities. The aims of the NBTA are to provide all twirlers, teachers, judges, parents and corps directors with an active programme of events and to promote the common interest of events at all levels within a competititive atmosphere. The National Baton Twirling Association is framed and held together by two principles: FAIRNESS AND DEMOCRACY.

why not visit the NBTA's website at


The BBTSA are a National Organisation who promote the sport of Baton Twirling. The Objective of the Association is to Regulate, Advance, Develop and Safeguard the interests of the Sport of Baton Twirling and is known throughout the twirling world as the BBTSA. The dedication, skill, poise, agility and performance skills of our athletes are comparable to those shown by any sports person.
Visit the official BBTSA website at:


The NBTA, and BBTSA are the two main twirling associations in the UK. There are a few more however. These include:
  • International Baton Twirling Association (IBTA)
  • United Kingdom Federation of Majorettes (UKFM)
  • British Isles Baton Twirling Association (BIBTA)
  • Scottish federation of Baton twirling (SFBT)
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