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As members of the NBTA, we attend seven competitions a year; five regionals, nationals and selections. Each are just as enjoyable as the rest.
The nationls are the competition that everyone works up to throughout the year. They are held in Torbay, Devon in October and they last for a week. All of the teams spread themselves out over three caravan sites, everyone then meets up every morning at the lesuire centre to compete against each other.

It is really good twirling with the NBTA because there is such a positive atmosphere at every single competition and all of the other teams show lots of sportsmanship.

Also, twirling with the NBTA opens up lots of other great oppotunities such as th European and World championships.

There is also a yearly training seminar held in the summer holidays, also known as summer camp. This is a good oppotunity as you get to experience the training tecniques of other countries, whilst making friends with people from other teams that mayby you wouldn't have in a normal competition  situation.

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